Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is a blog the best medium for what I value doing?

Over the past two weeks, I've been thinking, talking with others, and (and praying a little) about this blog. After asking myself the question, "what should this blog be about?" I could only think about one unique reason to blog. One thing I value is sitting around the table or living room and talking about business. What if I started an ongoing conversation and brainstorm about creating Christian businesses? If any, this would by reason.

I discerned that I do not want to blog. Three reasons:

1. A blog is probably not the best medium to have an ongoing conversation. In fact, it takes a long time to develop followers. Even distinguished bloggers may receive few comments, and rarely helpful or relevant comments. Someone told me that blogging should be intrinsically valuable; whereas I would be dependent on others to have a good conversation, and my expectations may lead to disappointment.
2. I do not have any practical, real life experiences to create a blog about Christian businesses. I feel like I need to learn more about this subject first before writing anything substantial. There are other great blogs that cover Christian finances and small business.
3. There are more intrinsically valuable works that I want to pursue. This year I will be working with the Action division in the People of Praise, here in South Bend. Working with young men will be my joy.

I think I will let this blog hibernate again, unless I find good reason. Thanks for reading, and sorry for anticlimactic end.
All for Jesus and his kingdom!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Found a fun blog

I enjoy this blog.
Call me predictable, as it is about Christian finance. He is not preachy.

Analyzing Christian Blogs

I'm trying to learn more about Christian blogs. I sampled many today (excluding friends or links on the right hand side).

There are daily blogs on theology, politics, christian families, updates on international struggles, prayer-chains, bible quotes, heroes of the faith, christian book clubs, Pro-Life, fund-raisers, etc. All of these are good and righteous topics. Men and women use blogs as a personal journal on their faith journey, good and bad. Some christian blogs are bloated, trying to say too much at once, or show me too much with ads and book covers--mostly political blogs and christian author blogs. I was also uncomfortable with how much they are trying to sell me.

From my limited research, it looks like the majority of Christian bloggers are women. These women find fellowship by sharing their lives through their blogs. Post are often 500 words or more, with a picture or two, and may have an uplifting title, like "The Lord is my Strength and my Joy!" (I don't mean any negative connotations or cynicism.)

I have found three categories for a man's blog: family man, christian-political views, and faith journey/ author. I have not found a trend in length or title, but I notice that men (more often than women) try to impress upon their audience a teaching or advice through his own personal experiences. Men blog--and this may be the reason why men come back to the same blog the next day--by using logic and experience to persuade the reader. (Ironically, I am trying to persuade my reader(s) with my logic and experience.)

Again, it's too little research and sampling to call it evidence, but interesting nonetheless. Feel free to disagree and comment me about it. If you like a certain christian blog, comment me.

I am still thinking about how I intend on using my blog. Renaming my blog to "Jesus is a Liberal" is still not out of the question.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ressurection ...of the blog.

What's the record for the longest idle blog? I might have been contending for it. Consider the streak ended...
Three and a half years ago I found myself in Northern Virginia, trying to keep up with friends all over the country. When I announced that I was moving to South Bend, IN to work for the People of Praise, I let this hibernate.
I am interested in resurrecting the blog for several interests. Much has happened since then, and I plan to share more stories (past and current) in the future. It will be fun to pose questions about thoughts and reflections intertwining both Finance and Jesus. Who knows, maybe even find other Christians out there in the blogosphere to connect in dialogue.
I still live in South Bend. I am privileged to work for the People of Praise in the Finance Office. I get to work for the King, and with the King.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Lord has Done Great Things

I have been dying to make this public, and I finally did at the branch meeting this past sunday: I will be moving to South Bend to work for the People of Praise at Headquarters!

Once upon a time, there was an event called the Missionary Conference, where 100+ men and women gather to hear the word of the Lord. It was an honor to be there, and I knew it would be a great time to see long-distance friends and to pray for what the Lord wants from me. I was praying for open heart that week. When I heard of the missionary company I instantly loved it, I couldn't be more thrilled because I've always thought it would be cool to be a missionary even at an early age, but I've never seen a real good outlet for it. So I thought, "People of Praise missionaries? Halleluia!"

Also, during the weekend it was great to talk with Paul Decelles as much as I possibly could, and it turns out that Paul Kane was talking to him about me graduating with an Accounting degree this upcoming semester. (Paul Kane later tells me that his reaction was, "Oh that'll be perfect! Just perfect!") So Paul Decelles comes up to me the last night during the party, while I was talking to David Salmon, and says,"Well John, I'd like you to be our accountant, and if you're interested, just come to South Bend whenever you're ready. Good night guys." Once he left, David says, "That sounded like a job offer if I've ever heard one."

The Lord has given me nothing but joy and peace about the Accounting position, so I said yes. With Paul Kane accepting the Director of Finance job and moving to South Bend as well, we were able to see the Lord's hand through it all. Paul Kane is going to be my boss's boss, and it is a blessing that we will continue to share our friendship, but in a different way. We are even moving the same week, and we will be living really close together. It doesn't seem like I can get away from the Kanes even if I tried! Once he told me of the move, I said to him, "Listen, I think the Lord is calling me to move to Portland or Skaskatoon." I'm glad he knew I was kidding. The Lord continues to do great things in our midst.

As of right now, I'm trying to stay focused on final exams and finish one more class in the summer. I'll be a free man in July!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Flat out Rejection

One thing that we are continuing to learn and put into practice is that need to train our entire body (and schedule) to the submission of Christ, and his cross. We should both live out our lives with enduring hope and speak to others about enduring hope.
There's a guy in my Auditing class who's on my project team named Chris. During class last night, the Spirit inspired me to talk to him about Christ. So while we were both walking to our cars, I had to say something, although I didn't have a firm grasp as to what I should say. He asked where I live, so I told him about my Christian household. Then I asked if he knows what the Lord did for us, if he goes to church, and if Jesus still speaks to us. It was as if I was speaking to a brick wall. After his silence, he said, "Not really. See you later man."
I'm not always that committed to taking that deep of a plunge, but once I got into my car, I felt a sense of peace and said to myself, "At least I said something!"

Let's continue to talk about our King.